27 May 2011 - 16:06Open thread for arguing about the iPad

Have at it people!

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  1. It’s possible that we nave just about already hashed this all out.

    As I see it, Greg agreed that apple is hyped up. that it’s good for people to be able to be able to tinker with things. (even if you don’t personally, because you benefit from the ideas and products that get created )

    He argues that sometimes you want to chose a device that “just works” and points out ( and this comes from personal experience) that it can be a mistake for a company to open a device because this will cause them to receive expensive support calls from people who are probably the cause of their own problems.

    I counter that you don’t have to get an apple product so that it will “just work” there are lots of options in the category. I also strongly feel that we shouldn’t support companies that lock down their devices and treat their users with so little respect.

    I think It’s quite possible for both of us to be correct here.. so what are we arguing about again ?? 😉

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  4. (duplicate post to FB content)

    New developments:
    a) we just got trista one of these :

    Android Honeycomb, runs flash. has a USB master port. you can plug a USB stick right into it. and since it’s android, it *ALREADY* syncs her contacts calendar and email with her other devices ( droid phone and gmail website)

    b) Apple just announced a bunch of updates that are coming to the I-devices. Of particular note is “wifi-sync”

    this feature already existed on other platforms. ( blackberry, android)


    in it’s walled garden Apple previously rejected an app that achieved this function.

    Now I think it’s a stretch to suggest that apple saw this app then said “hey we could do that”. they probably planed to to it all the time but didn’t either because they like tiring users to a desktop with i-tunes installed.. or it just wasn’t a high priority. But *EITHER* *WAY* this is a feature that *USERS* *WANTED* that was denied them by the walled garden, until apple chose to make it available.

    Any garden fans want to defend that point ?