12 July 2010 - 8:32Trip, part 2

Saturday morning I took a walk with Michele and her kids to the library and the farmer’s market. We got minidonuts (made right there in an oil bath with a little catapult that flips the donuts to fry the second side and then out of the oil) for the kids and a chocolate scone to share for me and Michele. I got a pint of blueberries (gone by dinnertime), and we got lots of veggies – and basil, can’t forget the basil – to use to make pizza for dinner that night. Then Roland and John came down and met us for lunch. At some point I had handed my camera to one of the kids, then Michele handed hers to another, and they had lots of fun taking pictures of just about everything as we walked down the street to the restaurant. Ended up in a brewpub whose name I have forgotten. They had little grab bags of toys for the kids, and the food was good.

After that we went back to the house and hung out. I read a little to Michele’s daughter, and we played more with the cameras, and there was much light saber fighting. (I largely stayed out of it. John got attacked plenty.) Dinner was pizza with the farmer’s market veggies, plus goat cheese and of course mozzarella, cooked on the grill. Awesome!

Sunday we visited my friend Andy and his girlfriend Razia in Milwaukee. I’ve known Andy since like second grade but hadn’t seen him in years. They took us on a grand tour, including a restaurant right on the river, a walk along the river front, a stroll through the bastille day festival, a driving tour of the lakeshore and the northern part of the city, and dinner at a restaurant in the Third Ward (maybe I should pay more attention to the names of restaurants) where we sat in an open area still inside but looking down on the actual porch so we could check out other people’s meals from above. This was kind of cool – food looks more artsy from five feet up. It was a lovely day, a nice exposure to a city I had never seen, and great to visit with an old friend and meet a new one. I also learned that lakes can indeed have beaches.

Drove further last night and made it to Eau Claire, where we are about to begin the next day…

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  1. Andrew Rubin says;
    12 Jul 2010 - 19:48

    The restaurants were Water Buffalo for lunch, and Swig for dinner, both in the 3rd Ward area. It was great seeing Debbie again, and meeting John. Hope you guys have a great rest of the trip!