10 July 2010 - 9:09Trip, part 1

(This is by Debbie, not John)

Trip is off to a good start. Thursday John posted on facebook that we were headed to Cleveland, which I had fairly randomly chosen as far enough to drive in one day, allow us to see a movie that night, and still get to Chicago by Friday dinnertime. This post resulted in a surprise email from his friend Claire inviting us to her place on a lake in Michigan instead. It took us a bit longer than expected to get there due to serious rain near Toledo, but we made it by about 10:30. I slept well there for what seemed like the first time in weeks, and we had a lovely visit with Claire and her Aunt Fay in the morning, with breakfast on the lakeshore. Went for a short walk in the neighborhood, then headed off towards Chicago to see Michele and meet her family.

We stopped for lunch in Kalamazoo. Found downtown, parked, and asked a random woman on the street to recommend a good place for lunch. She suggested several, including one called Food Dance, a place with high ceilings, yellow walls, and huge paintings of asparagus spears (and presumably other vegetables, but I must confess I only noticed the asparagus) as art. It was the kind of place that took pride in having local food and homemade lemonade, and it was quite yummy.

Along the way we got curious why the circular polarizing filter on the camera seemed to change effect when rotated, though we both had thought the whole point of a *circular* polarizing filter was that it would not do that. John looked this up and explained it to me, resulting in a physics lesson along I94 in Michigan. I think I mostly get it now. There are advantages to traveling with a physicist.

We made it to Michele’s with fairly reasonable traffic most of the way. Despite that, we would have been late but were saved by the time zone change. Excellent. Michele kindly picked us up at the hotel and we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Then we went to a park where the kids – and John – had fun running around. Got some nice pictures, which will be posted eventually. All in all a lovely evening. More later…

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