5 June 2010 - 17:16Compostable Corn Cup?

At the Desert Moon Cafe I got a drink in a new kind of plastic cup. It claims to be made of corn and “compostable.”  To me it is indistinguishable from a conventional PETE cup.

A compostable plastic cup.

Compostable plastic cup, after one week on counter.

Much as I enjoy the idea of drinking my corn syrup from a corn-cob cup, I’m skeptical about this claim. So I decided to test it. Since I also happen to have a PETE cup

A PETE cup next to the compostable cup.

The PETE control cup (left) and the compostable cup (right).

PETE cups are recycle code 1 and the compostable cup is type 7, which I think means “other.”

Bottom of compostable plastic cup.

The cup claims to be compostable and is plastic type 7.

I buried the cups in the ground (today, June 4 2010) and will check up on them in a month or so.

The two cups in the ground.

Test site with cups inserted. Worms were observed (well, at least one).

Test site covered with dirt.

Test site after burial. Stone marks the spot.

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