22 December 2007 - 19:20Back from India

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I’m back from India, where I was for QIP2008. (click on the picture to see the full width until I figure out a wordpress setup that is wider)

Aram Harrow had a good bad idea when we were discussing the preference for boy children and the abortion of girls. We had just seen a sign advertising ultrasound imaging, and someone said they thought that had been made illegal in order to prevent such sex-based abortions. This doesn’t make much sense as the procedure is important for many other diagnostic reasons and I don’t think it’s true, based on a quick googling. Though it may be illegal for the doctor to tell you the sex of the fetus, something which is true in Korea anyway, coincidentally coming up in a New York Times article just today on how things are starting to balance out there.

Aram’s idea is to adapt technology used to blur out the naughty bits in airport screening X-rays which can see though your clothes to prenatal ultrasounds. Silly as it sounds, it might actually be a good idea. Though I doubt this could work–any blurring of the image would risk missing important diagnostic information. Of course, it is claimed that the airport security screeners won’t miss any concealed weapons compared to the unblurred images. This also seems unlikely. A penis shaped gun doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.

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