26 November 2007 - 14:42Goodbye, Si gone

Last tuesday night the guy came by with a bank check for the balance of the $8000 sale price of my Civic. The next day he was planning to register it and get plates, then take it away. While I was in the city getting my visa for India (at the not-at-all-ironically-named Indian visa outsourcing agency), he called and said there was a problem. The DMVneeded my signature on their official bill of sale rather than just the note I had written. I was sort of willing to come back to Westchester rather than hang around the city all day waiting for my visa to be ready, but he said he would drive to another DMV and see if they were more reasonable. Later I got a message saying that “he got it taken care of, don’t ask how.” Probably he just forged my signature. Though I may have suggested that myself, I intend to take him at his word and not ask.

It’s strange to come home and not see the car in my driveway. I hope his son enjoys it as much as I did.

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