12 November 2007 - 0:50Just like learning to swim

The confirmation of Michael Mukasey as attorney general gave me an idea. I propose that waterboarding be used as a regular part of the senate confirmation process. Mukasey hardly answered any questions and waterboarding should remedy this situation in the future. Surely if it’s important to get information out of people who may be plotting to take over or destroy our country, it is just as important to get it out of those who already have are plotting to run it.

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  1. The problem with water boarding, although this might not be true , is that with all the press about it people now know that it provides the “sensation” of drowning. without actually drowining the prisoner. Well if the prisoner *KNOWS* that, couldn’t he psychologically tough it out knowing that will it feels terrible, it won’t actually kill them.

    It’s just like the people who eat bugs on reality shows. They know that the producers wouldn’t serve them anything that would actually harm them, so while it might look gross and feel gross they are willing to suck it up for the known reward at the end.