29 October 2007 - 0:42Bad AMD BE-2350 processor?

I’m currently building a computer: Parts list:

  • MSI K9AGM2-L motherboard ($51)
  • AMD BE-2350 CPU (45 watts dual processor) ($86)
  • 2 Samsung 500GB drives ($110 each)
  • ANTEC NSK-2480 case with 380 watt 80+ certified power supply ($83)
  • 2 GB DDR800 A-DATA RAM (2 sticks so the double data rate can go full speed) ($61)
  • Lite-On 20X DVD burner ($35)
  • Gigabyte 7200GS PCI-E ($29) video card (fastest one with no fan I could find)
  • Scythe CPU Mini Ninja cooler (huge, may work with no fan since the CPU will be next to a case fan) ($30)
  • BTC 9019URFIII wireless keyboard ($43)

The problem is the thing just won’t boot. I get either one long or two short beeps (it’s hard to tell) and the monitor makes a bad clicking noise not sinking up. First I thought it was a bad monitor–I borrowed it from work and had no evidence it was working. So I checked it with a laptop and it works fine. Next I called MSI and they said the memory I have might be wrong. It is the right type but not tested with that motherboard. I took some RAM that is known to be good and to be compatible from my computer at work. I was sure that would fix it but still nothing. Next I ordered another motherboard. Still no good. New power supply–nothing. Tomorrow I will see about RMAing the CPU. That’s all that’s left. I am still worried that the motherboard is simply not compatible with the CPU even though the MSI website says it is. It only claims it will work with the latest version of their BIOS. I have no way to determine the BIOS version or update it without a CPU that works. Plus, the time is running out on various parts’ 30 day return policies. I consider it all a learning experience.

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